Resident Screening & Fraud Prevention Best Practices available NOW!

The real estate industry needs new ways to manage and mitigate customer risk given the rapidly evolving regulatory space that varies widely between jurisdictions. Meanwhile, privacy regulations are making it difficult and expensive to aggregate an accurate risk model for each potential resident, despite new analytics, payment models and methods for measuring risk across real estate company customers.

This workgroup created a resident risk evaluation best practices that reflects modern tools, data, regulatory requirements, property and applicant types, and other best practices to ensure that properties have an accurate model for each and every potential customer. These best practices will help reduce fraud and increase on-time payments for many real estate properties.

The Resident Screening for Real Estate Workgroup defined:

  • New data elements requested by customers for evaluation and the data that the vendors will need to supply that
  • A standard for screening results that covers credit, criminal and fraud characteristics of a potential renter
  • A standard for requesting screening information that includes all of the information a screening vendor needs

RETA Resident Screening Workgroup Chair

Quintina Willis,
Senior Director of
Property Management
Venterra Realty

RETA Resident Screening Workgroup Deliverables

RETA Resident Screening Workgroup Kick-off Meeting

27 August 2020