The State HFA-LIHTC Data Transfer Standard, used for compliance reporting to the state administrative agencies that oversee the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program, is managed by the National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA). Although RETA hosts the standard, it is not a MITS data transfer standard and is not maintained as part of the RETA initiative.

This data standard is maintained by NAHMA. For general questions regarding the development of this standard, please contact Michal Machnowski, Government Affairs Manager at the National Affordable Housing Management Association at 703-683-8630 ext.116 or by email at: .

Supported versions of the standard

The standard is supported primarily in three ways: Continued development, managing publication and hosting of the technical documentation and responding to requests for information either through contact through the Yahoo forum web site or direct questions to forum group members (usually the moderator).

Only the two most recent versions of the technical documentation are published on this page. Archived versions will remain available on the site in the Archives section.

Contact Information (as of January 1, 2016):
Yahoo Group Moderator
Paul Perpich
Dir. Software Development
Spectrum Enterprises
Portland, ME 517-277-0120

NAHMA LIHTC Data Transfer Discussion Forum (hosted on Procorem)

VERSION 5.0 (July 2018)

Data Dictionary:

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VERSION 4.0 (February 2016)

Data Dictionary:

XSD Files:

Prior Versions Can Be Found Here.