The RETA is an alliance of apartment and technology companies dedicated to promoting and maintaining standards for the multifamily industry. Through a collaborative volunteer process the RETA creates and updates universal, open standards to enhance and support the development of systems solutions for the apartment industry.
Through your financial contribution and contribution of your time, you are supporting collaboration and standardization in the multifamily industry saving countless hours of time spent on customization and supporting integration of systems.
No, membership with NMHC, NAA, or HTNG is not required to join the RETA. And conversely, membership in the RETA does not provide you with membership with NMHC, NAA, or HTNG. The RETA is a separate, self-funded and self-governed organization
The RETA is self-funded and self-governed by RETA members. The RETA Governance Committee is comprised of representatives from member apartment companies, two of which serve as Chair and Vice Chair. The Committee controls the workflow of the RETA, gives final recommendations for changes to data standard architecture, amends RETA policies and procedures as needed and assures the integrity, success, and long-term viability of the RETA and existing MITS standards. Subcommittees and workgroups are open to any RETA member.
Representatives from members companies can participate in RETA Workgroups which are formed to reach consensus to create and update industry standards. While several representatives from member companies can participate in a workgroup, a “one company, one vote” rule assures that apartment firms and vendors have and equal voice regardless of their size.
NMHC serves as the host for data standards and provides staff resources to recruit and facilitate RETA membership. They host an annual meeting of the RETA at the annual NMHC OPTECH Conference. NMHC has no vote in workgroups or through the governance committee.
The National Apartment Association is one of the original long-term supporters of MITS and remains equally supportive of the RETA. NAA has no vote in workgroups or through the governance committee.
Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) facilitates and manages the work of the RETA through their newly released “white label” data standards service. They convene workgroups to create and maintain data and other standards. HTNG has no vote in workgroups or through the governance committee.
In addition to being self-governed, the RETA is also self-financed. Member dues are solely responsible for supporting this valuable service for the multifamily industry. New member dues are $1,000. For small companies with 3 employees or less and less than 5 million in revenue the new member fee is $500. Renewal dues are based on company revenue or units owned or managed. Please see the RETA Guidebook and Policies and Procedures for more information on current renewal rates.
Most RETA meetings will take place via conference call. There is an annual in-person RETA meeting that takes place at the annual NMHC OPTECH Conference.