The Real Estate Technology Alliance is completely supported by the financial contributions of its members. New member dues are based on yearly revenue. Without adequate interest and support from the real estate industry and its suppliers, the RETA will not be able to continue to provide its valuable support to the industry, so please show your support today by joining. Membership information, including dues, and all policies and procedures for the RETA are located in the RETA Guidebook.

If you are ready to join and support the RETA, please complete the application below. Upon submittal, your application will be reviewed for eligibility and if approved, you will be invoiced by RETA for your annual dues.

Thank you for your interest in (and hopefully support of!) the RETA.

Suppliers & Vendors Dues Amount
More than $25 million revenue $4,000 / year
Between $5 million and $25 million revenue $2,000 / year
Less than $5 million revenue and 3 or more employees $1,000 / year
Less than $5 million revenue and less than 3 employees $500 / year
Operators, Developers, Managers of Real Estate Properties Dues Amount
Annual Dues $1,000 / year
First-year, discounted Dues $500 / year