RETA held their 2020 RETA Member Meeting online on November 10. During the event, subject-matter experts discussed technology leadership, RETA’s response to the pandemic, resident screening, Internet of Things for real estate, the future of RETA and a sneak preview of its upcoming RETA ONE platform.

All of the session recordings can be found below.

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Progress Recap

Join our leadership team and staff to learn more about RETA’s activities over the last year, the impact COVID-19 has had on our organization, and the member activities that make the Real Estate Technology Alliance the driver of innovation within real estate technology.

Robb Napolitano, CIO, The Brooksville Company
Frank McCammon, IT Director, Camden Property Trust

Sponsor Update: SmartRent

SmartRent is an enterprise home automation company developing software and hardware to help owners, property managers and renters in multifamily communities. SmartRent creates multifamily technology solutions that provide property owners and managers a platform to better monitor and protect their assets, and create operational efficiencies all while driving ancillary revenue.

IT Leadership Discussion

Changes in real estate technology and #proptech are pushing companies to make big bets on new processes and business models, but how do companies evaluate these changes and avoid making costly mistakes? Join our senior technology leaders as they discuss changes in multi-family, real estate and the business drivers behind technology implementations that are accelerating as a result of the pandemic.

Kent Bighinatti, IT Director, Westminster Company
Jason Grovert, CIO. Steadfast Living
Grant Kaufman, VP & Director of Operations, Yarco
Cecilia Li, SVP, IT, Urban Edge
Ryan Nigro, SVP, IT, CF Real Estate Services

Recap & RETA One Preview

RETA’s Governance Committee Chair and vice-Chair will recap the previous session and provide context for RETA One.

Robb Napolitano, CIO, The Brooksville Company
Frank McCammon, IT Director, Camden Property Trust

RETA ONE Sneak Preview

Key members of RETA’s governance committee have been hard at work at creating a platform for operators and suppliers to showcase their properties, tools and business relationships. This will be a place for members to understand and evaluate the technology market, and better position their properties in the incredibly competitive online marketing space.

Jason Grovert, CIO. Steadfast Living

Workgroup Updates: IoT, Resident Screening and COVID19

Join leaders of the Internet of Things (IoT), Resident Screening and Contactless Customer Journey workgroups to understand the impact of these technologies and processes on the industry, as well as how to get involved. RETA workgroups have a place for experts, operators, suppliers, and any one that is looking to harness #proptech to change how we do business.

Sean Miller, President, PointCentral
Felicite Moorman, Co-founder & CEO, STRATIS IOT
Kelly Myers, Director of Ancillary & Procurement, Roscoe Property Management
Nikki Paepule, Director, Receivables & Screening Departments, Graystar
Tom Spahn, Vice President, Camber Creek