New types of tours and showings have become available, but many companies cannot evaluate the impact of these new tours on the customer journey. Additionally, new tour and showing types often require sophisticated infrastructure, software orchestration, and changes to property operations leaving operators frustrated.


This workgroup will produce best practices, common definitions, and other resources to help real estate companies rapidly adopt new tours and showings types. This will enable tracking and performance management, efficient staff and customer facing operations, and ultimately increase the conversion rates for common tours and showings types.


The RETA Next Generation Showings and Tours Workgroup started in February 2021 and and will meet on a weekly basis once the workgroup charter is approved.

Please contact to join this group and help define the future of the collections process.

RETA Next Generation Showings and Tours Workgroup Chairs

Gardner Fiveash, Product Manager
Robert Gaulden, Director
Larry Gorman, President
Mitch Karren, Chief Product Officer
Smart Rent
Mitch Moody, CTO
Anyone Home, Inc.