Property and corporate collections are an important pain point for many real estate companies but often utilize manual processes that result in frustrated property owners, incomplete financial projections, or ultimately a loss in revenue. As customer payment habits change, so does most of the collections technology and customer engagement processes. 

This workgroup is evaluating technology integrations between systems to achieve a higher conversion rate and ultimately increase revenues across the industry. The RETA Rental Debt Collections Workgroup started in January 2021 and meets on a weekly basis on Wednesdays at 2:00 p.m. Central.

Please contact to join this group and help define the future of the collections process. The relevant MITS standard may be found here.

Rental Debt Collections Workgroup Chairs

Jay Harris
Vice President
Fair Collections & Outsourcing, Inc. (FCO)
Tracy Legg
Vice President Business Development
Resident Interface by Hunter Warfield