Nomination Overview & Responsibilities


Any Owner, Developer or Management Company (ODM) member of the Real Estate Technology Alliance (RETA) in good standing may nominate themselves or another person for election to the Governance Committee.  Interested persons must be nominated no later than 25 October 2019. Please read below and submit the form to ensure your nomination is valid.

Elected leaders will serve a two year term.  Please refer to the RETA Guidebook for more information.

While the responsibilities of the Governance Committee may change based on adjustments to the RETA Guidebook, the Committee is responsible for:

  • Review and decisions on charter applications to control the work flow of the RETA
  • Give final authorization for changes to the data standard architecture, after review of recommendations from the workgroups
  • Suggest and approve changes to RETA policies and procedures
  • Ensure the integrity, success and the long-term viability of the RETA organization, MITS and RETA standards, and the process to develop those standards.

Interested persons must be nominated no later than 25 October 2019.  Please note that any information you submit below will be made available to RETA members for the purposes of the 2019 Governance Committee Leadership Election.

Nomination Form